This is a great work out. Laurel really know how to help you get the most out of your time. Anyone who wants to raise their fitness level is well served working with Laurel.

Dan Tallahassee Police Dept TAC Team.

I recently had the pleasure of attending one of Laurel's kettlebell training classes. Laurel provided excellent instruction and displayed the knowledge of a true fitness professional. She provided me with proper form and technique on a weight training system I was not too familiar with. I have since incorporated kettlebell swings into my weight training regiment.

Thanks Laurel! Corey TPD TAC Team

I have been working out at Laurel's place for the past two months. Going from strickly free weights to crossfit has been a big change. It was made easier with Laurel's instruction and with healing a lower back, her techniques has made my workouts give me great results with no discomfort! Everyone needs to try Bootcampstogo!

Vinny TPD TAC Team

Laurel does a great job at instructing. The kettlebell workout she gave us made me feel muscles I never knew I had!!

Jordan TPD TAC Team

She is a great instructor and is not afraid to tell you if you are doing something incorrect in form or otherwise. She continued to stay up-beat with relevant information throughout the course. Thanks for the instruction.


I play professional sports and I am always looking to find new, fun ways to get in shape and gain strength. Bootcamp is it! It's a great mix and you never get bored. Laura teaches great technic and is low impact which really benefited me. If you want a great workout thats safe, fun, different, this is the lady to go see!!

David Ross, Pro Athlete Catcher for the Atlanta Braves

Laurel had all the characteristics that make an RKC candidate- strength, passion, loyalty, communication skills. I encouraged her to join us and she has never let me down. I am proud to have been a part of Laurel's decision to join the ranks and spread the RKC message of strength and movement.

Those of us who have been a part of the RKC for a while sometimes run into a situation where we meet an RKC who doesn't know it yet.

Dave Whitley, Master RKC

Preparing for 12 hour long days in flight school, does not leave much time to workout and maintain a high level of fitness.  Using the various kettlebell techniques taught by Laurel's class I am now able to workout in a shorter amount of time and remain in the best shape of my life to deal with the daily stress and pressure of flying."

William Sinkey

Exercise and working out with weights has been a staple of my life since high school football, the Marine Corps and almost 25 years as a local cop. For the last six years I have been very active in Triathlon, but lacked a lasting weight program. Traditional weightlifting no longer interested, or excited me... and then I found Boot Camps To Go's Kettlebell program. WOW, life changing! The benefits and gains far exceeded my expectations and I am hooked for life and can't get enough! (It so greatly impacted my life that I have begun the journey to become Kettlebell certified so I can be more involved with making a difference in the lives of others. I so desperately want to give back of what was given to me.)

David A. Knight
Sheriff's Office Detective

In the military we had the expression "Johnny on the spot" which meant they were always ready for any situation. This perfectly describes Laurel. The night I met her she was already willing to work with me to correct muscle imbalances and during our RKC she was always ready with medical supplies, we had no need to go see the trainer provided. She did an excellent job.

Laurel is on of the most passionate trainers I have ever come across and knows how to motivate people as well as correct their mistakes. She has an undying thirst for knowledge in her field. Laurel, and her coaching and understanding of the kettlebell movements, were integral to my success at the RKC. I look forward to working with her in the future.

USAW Club Coach

Since starting kettle bell training at Tallahassee Kettlebells at the beginning of the year, I have seen dramatic increases in my strength and overall stamina. As a semi-pro Adventure Race athlete I need to be in peak physical shape for races lasting up to 24 hours in duration. Kettlebell training is the most effective cadio and functional strength exercise I have ever done!"

Rhoddy McKown

Working out with kettlebells has helped me increase my strength and endurance significantly and quickly. Every workout is different but the outcome is the same - results.

I have consistently dropped time from my 5k PR by adding kettlebells to my routine.

I love having just one or two kettlebells and being able to do so many different exercises back to back. No waiting for a machine to do a different exercise, keeping my heart rate up and keeping me motivated."

Nick Mack

Kettlebells have been very instrumental in helping me to loose over 100 lbs. I love the versatility of the Kettlebell. You can literally go from a strength building exercise into a cardo exercise in a matter of seconds using the same Kettlebell."

Susan Sloan

I've been working out with kettlebells for over two years. In that time, I have lost over 50 pounds. Kettlebells have improved my range of motion and overall physical fitness. As a non-runner, it's great to have an option for increasing my cardio. I'm in the best shape of my life!"

Mike Munroe
Mays-Munroe, Inc.

I have had several occasions to work with Laurel, and each instance has been an absolute pleasure. First, she was a RKC candidate on my team when she went through the certification, which she passed with flying colors. I also had the privilege of having Laurel as my assistant at the first-ever HKC certification. Because of Laurel's knowledge and expertise with kettlebells, she was among the very first that I contacted when it came time to teach the HKC certifications over the country.

Laurel is an extremely knowledgeable kettlebell instructor that deserves a great deal of respect, and runs a top-notch facility. If you were to pass up the opportunity to work with Laurel, it would be your huge loss.

Doug Nepodal, Senior RKC

She is a caring and knowedgeable instructor who is able to motivate everyone in the class to push themselves and to try things we never would have believed we were capable of. In the short time I've been involved with her programs, I am measurably stronger, have more endurance, have improved muscle tone and weight loss to the point that I'm wearing clothes I haven't been able to wear for over a year. I am healthier overall, and have significantly more energy daily. It's amazing how she's taught us to use the kettlebells to work out our entire body, using several muslce groups at once for maximum effect. I feel incredibly blessed to have an instructor who is so knowledgeable and talented in her field.

Carrie V. - Tallahassee, FL

Laurel is not only a great kettlebell instructor, she is also one of the best people I know.
The fun yet intense atmosphere at her workouts are what keep me coming back again and again.
If you are looking for a new way to work out, then work out with the best kettlebell instructor in Tallahassee!!!

Bret C.

I would highly recommend Laurel Blackburn's kettlebell instruction and the Boot Camps to Go fitness program to anyone who is looking to be in the best shape of their life. Laurel keeps her knowledge base & workouts fresh by constantly brushing up with continuing education, and her students reap the benefits. When I started Boot Camp & kettlebell training, I was your typical lumpy and frumpy mom trying to get off the rest of my baby weight. With Laurel's help, I have gone from a size 10 to a size 6, and everyone comments on how fantastic I look now. I am stronger and more confident than I have ever been in my life. Thanks to Laurel and the other Boot Camp instructors, I have gone from flab to fab!

Meghan Lisson

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